Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Movie: Oblivion

Great expectation on this one despite mixed reviews.
Tom's a great actor, no disputing that. The tech and action was spec, and the story good.
I know how it finished, but gee, I lost the thread in the last tantalising quarter, so I dont quite know how it got there.
Wasnt helped by not being able to translate from gaming/texting gibberish, the plot critical bits the girl said.
S'pose thats what happens after 60 years in suspended animation.
Actually, I missed what Morgan Freeman said about that helmet the free people were wearing too, that enabled them to avoid detection by the Drones.
3 out of 5, top movie that never quite got there.
Maybe I should go see it again.
I mean what happened to Jack II in the 3 years after his scrap with Jack I.
When Jack I arrived back with the medi-pak to treat the girl, Jack II wasnt where he was left trussed up by Jack I.
Maybe I've just got too old, and pointlessness is the name of the game these days.