Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hosea Gets 100

Congrats to Hosea Gear on attaining his 100th first class game try.
I'm in the camp who can't understand his continually being over-looked for All-Black call-up.
Even though I think Deaker's the biggest nong in sports media, I have to agree with his assessment of Guildford, (who got the current call-up to cover Cory Jane's injury instead of Hosea), no nous under pressure, cant kick, and given his RWC performance, suspect under the high ball.
I thought Hansen was particularly mean to say they were going to give preference to players who showed committment to staying in NZ, when there's been the rumour going the rounds Hosea might be looking at a move to Japan.
Hosea was distinctly gracious accepting the honour post-game last night, adding there were some aspects of his game he still wanted to work on, and NZ was the best place to do it.
Meanwhile, the AB's spot goes to the kid, short of talent, and who cant behave in public.
(Now rectified thank goodness).

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Opera: Rigoletto

Bravo to NBR NZ Opera for this one, at Wellington's St James Theatre.
The modern setting rather than the classic operaone was unexpected, and fantastically well done, minimally uncluttered revolve stage but very effectively lit, with an overhead front drop for the colonnaded palace scene. Great touch with the reflective marble.
AJ and I are no opera buffs, we simply enjoyed the whole thing. I thought Warwick Fyfe was better in the second half, AJ revelled in Emma Pearson's voice. The Duke was a real prick, which goes to show the role-play was outstanding, and emotion thoroughly evoked. Minor leads enhanced the entertaining difference with solid performances
We'd swotted up the plot beforehand and once accommodated to the setting twist, the range of human foibles and consequences well illustrated and easy for us amateurs to follow.
That Mr Verdi was obviously no mug.
In the impression test, still in my head 3 days later...  and that's something.
The better view and seating over that of the Opera House was appreciated too.

For afters we chose Monsoon Poon.
Big ups here too, uncomplicated menu, but fantastic flavours, AJ went for the fried fish and prawn, staple sweet and sour for me, plus rice and pita.
We opted for cocktails from a pretty extensive list, hers rhubarb and raspberry liqueur base, mine, tequila and cointreau, $14 a throw, but OK when you compare with the cost of a bottle of wine, which we didnt want for in the circumstance.
We fell for a closing dessert cocktail, hers khalua based, mine..., I forget!!
Cold as, creamy ice, maybe a bit of menthe, would be great following a hot curry.
Comfortable, easy atmosphere, you can watch the chefs at work and there's a mirror above the servery where you can see your order on its way, driving background musak, out the door for a tad over a hundred.
Would do here again anytime.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Movie: Good for Nothing

Whatever way you view this Kiwi "Pavlova" western, serious, tongue in cheek take-off of the spaghetti's, or anywhere in between, it worked.
I guess all the actors were Kiwis, and all credit to them for putting on the faces, particularly lead man, Cohen Holloway. The Dom reviewer commented he should go far, not just here in NZ, and it'd be hard not to agree.
Congrats to the producers Mike Wallis and Inge Rademeyer, (also leading lady).
The Central Otago backdrop played a major role, ably supported by the NZSO, and Raetihi's Mellonsfolly supplying the western town, should gain some increased patronage for their part.
This movie was big on imagery, and theyre still with me a day later...
5 out of 5.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Movie: Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Didnt intend seeing this movie, the one I wanted to see wasnt on, so went in default, not a fan of British comedy anymore.
So help me, finished up enjoying it, the begrudging feeling soothed away by the gentleness of it.
Nice lesson in this flick, as the team of oldies get their vision of what future remains shaken up in the kaleidascope of India.
Two lessons actually, one, you're never too old, and two, you only live once, so dont sit around.
Standout acting, Judi Dench one very attractive Dame, even at 60-whatever.
If you're an India-ofile you'll probably enjoy the sensory jog too.
4 out of 5.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Movie: The Avengers

Much has been made of the cleverness of the studio to release this movie world-wide, before release at home, reported in todays paper already having grossed $180 million, thereby establishing to the American public, its a blockbuster.
That'll be because the American movie-going public is smarter than we are, and they dont have to crave Americana.
Frankly, I thought this movie was tedious, and my date got through her coke, an ice cream, her bag of popcorn, and the 3/4 of mine I didnt want, plus started twiddling with her cellphone, all in an effort to stay awake.
Why is it that the modern super-hero has to be mentally and emotionally idiosyncratic?
Yawn.... give me a Jason Statham or a Daniel Craig who can straight-faced get on with the job anyday.
Here I am not 2 days later and I've pretty much forgotten what it was about, so you'll have to punt-up and go yourself.
I'll give it some points for being 3D.
2 out of 5