Saturday, March 16, 2013

Movie: Django Unchained

Django passes the lasting impression days after test with flying colours, another glorious, gorious, Tarantino.
Superb acting by Samuel L Jackson, De Caprio, and Christoph Waltz, really made the movie, while Jamie Foxx completed his spoof role to perfection.
Its quite a long movie, and the reprieve granted Django with the escape from the mining co. slave train was an almost un-necessary add-on, I think us punters would have gone home happy with an earlier splatter wind-up back at the estate.
But never mind, top movie.
Morricone's objection to his treatment over the score is an interesting sideshow. After hearing so much about the Django theme, I was waiting for something that didnt quite happen for me, nothing instantly everlasting like the themes from the spaghetti's or the Kill Bills.
5 out of 5.