Saturday, May 14, 2011

Can this bloke ride or what???

Take your helmet off to this bloke.....

Double Down

Had to try one, KFC sold 16,000 in the first day, cheese and bacon between 2 slabs of fried chicken, no bun.
Dont know what all the 'anti' fuss is about, there's no sugar involved, and high calories, so what...
just dont eat anything else rest of the day, or work it off.
Short answer, I didnt like it, simply too salty.
Its not all that big either, and the wait at the counter verging excruciating.
MacDonalds is a bit the same, the term 'fast food' is a bit of a misnomer these days as the popularity of these places grows.
Have to hand it to them on a promotion exercise though, and must be good for the chicken production industry as well.
For my money I'd rather a pie from Carlton Takeaways, big range of fillings, chock full of not unhealthy stuff, half the price, and in and out the door in less than a minute.
Just had a couple of grilled mutton chops for breakfast, and they were better too.
Asked myself yesterday if faced with a decision either a Double Down, or go for a 4 km run...
I'd take the run.

Movies: Paul, Source Code

A couple of nerds on a road trip across America, following the UFO trail, meet up with the real thing.
Dont expect any mystery, this is straight comedy, and not bad comedy too, I suppose, tongue in cheek stuff.
I did enjoy the passing road and land-scapes, just like it really is over there.
3 out of 5.

Source Code
Now here's a mystery, an exercise for the mind, to-ing and fro-ing with the future, regardless of the improbability.
A special services soldier comes to, to find he's being transported into the future by his lab controllers, with a mission to find a bomber with a bent for causing large scale public mayhem.
The to-ing and fro-ing gets a bit tedious, but its a good mind-bender.
4 out of 5.

Good part about this session was seeing the trailer for Cowboys and Aliens.
That girl out of Tron I mentioned to look out for, Olivier Wilde, stars with Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Puns for educated minds

1. The fattest knight at King Arthur's round table was Sir Cumference. He acquired his size from too much pi.

2. I thought I saw an eye doctor on an Alaskan island, but it turned out  to be an optical Aleutian .

3. She was only a whiskey maker, but he loved her still.

4. A rubber band pistol was confiscated from algebra class, because it was a weapon of math disruption.

5. No matter how much you push the envelope, it'll still be stationery.

6. A dog gave birth to puppies near the road and was cited for littering.

7. A grenade thrown into a kitchen in France would result in Linoleum Blownapart.

8. Two silk worms had a race. They ended up in a tie.

9. Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

10. Atheism is a non-prophet organization.

11. Two hats were hanging on a hat rack in the hallway. One hat said to the other: 'You stay here; I'll go on a head.'

12. I wondered why the baseball kept getting bigger. Then it hit me.

13. A sign on the lawn at a drug rehab center said: 'Keep off the Grass.'

14. A backward poet writes inverse.

15. In a democracy it's your vote that counts.  In feudalism it's your count that votes.

16. If you jumped off the bridge in Paris, you'd be in Seine .

17. A vulture boards an airplane, carrying two dead raccoons. The stewardess looks at him and says, 'I'm sorry, sir, only one carrion allowed per passenger.'

18. Two fish swim into a concrete wall. One turns to the other and says 'Dam!'

19. Two Eskimos sitting in a kayak were chilly, so they lit a fire in the craft. Unsurprisingly it sank, proving once again that you can't have your kayak and heat it too.

20. Two hydrogen atoms meet. One says, 'I've lost my electron.' The other says 'Are you sure?' The first replies, 'Yes, I'm positive.'

21. Did you hear about the Buddhist who refused Novocain during a root canal? His goal: transcend dental medication.

22. There was the person who sent ten puns to friends, with the hope that at least one of the puns would make them laugh. No pun in ten did. 

Movies: Thor 3D & The Hurt Locker

Thor, highly entertaining bullshit, putting my newly acquired 3D goggles into action again.
If you're a fan of such whimsy, you'll be satisfied at the story-line proposition that the gods of nordic legend were actually visitors from a galaxy far, far away.
Thor gets booted out of Asgard by Odin, his old man, for being an arrogant impetuous upstart, winds down the worm-hole to exile on planet Earth, where he's discovered in the desert by a gorgeous young astro-physicist, (Natalie Portman).
Chris Hemsworth plays Thor, a 6'3" adonis as well as being an Aussie, ex 3 years in TV series, Home and Away, studied American dialect in Sydney acting school, did the tongue in cheek stuff really well, we should see more of him in future. In the 2009 version of Star Trek he played Jim Kirk's father.
Anthony Hopkins (Odin), and Renee Rouseau, (Mrs Odin) were the lovable cameo's.
Hot stuff, 5/5

The Hurt Locker, I watched on Sky movies, really wasnt looking forward to the suspense of bomb defusal, but was curious about what made it oscar material. Finished up really enjoying the experience as well as an education into US military technology, and an examination of personal character in the soldiers.
Kathryn Bigelow's oscar nominations were well-deserved. The hand-held camera work was a standout feature in conveying the reality.
The media are often too quick to portray clumbsiness and immaturity of the American troops and military. This movie should go a long way to rectifying this.
Rather topical at the moment, with the obliteration of Osama, and the focus on fear of reprisal, which fears again are compounded by this sense of US military incompetence.
Not so I think. Will Smith wasnt in fantasy-land flying an F16 up a canyon in Independence Day, I've seen that sort of stuff with my own eyes; have met a US Seal face to face who'd put Thor in a shadow.
Under their courteousness, Americans also have a steel stemming from a fighting heritage, War of Independence, Indian Wars, Civil War, County wars, and their efforts in WWII.
Plus the technology.
It wasnt the Spitfire or the Hurricane won the Battle of Britain, it was the Mustang P49, an RAF vet admitted as much to me, ditto Omaha Beach, and if it wasnt for the Americans in the Pacific, I'd know a fair bit about rice-growing and bicycle assembly right now, if I'd been allowed to live.
Pretty naive to take this assembly of force on, Hurt Locker told it like it was, most terrorist bombs blow up their own people, sad...
Even American educated General Kuribayashi, detailed by the Emperor to head Japanese forces at Iwo Jima knew he was on a hiding to nothing, that his country should never have booted America in the shins.
One of the gratifying things about how news has unfolded in the last week, has been the rise to prominence of the immediacy of the handheld cell-phone telling it how it is, rather than how John Campbell or Duncan Garner see it.
There's hope for all of us there, and hopefully enough Facebook, Twitter and blog capable appliances rife in the middle east to educate them about what life is really like here in the lands of us infidels, rather than how it might be in the hands of extremists.
Hurt Locker, 5/5

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ulysses Economy Run

Took the CB and joined a handful of bikes on the Ulysses Economy Run up the Parapara, today organised by Lloyd, to Ohakune Station, where we stopped for lunch.

View across OreOre, Ruapehu just visble
Gusting heavily between Raetihi and Ohakune, but mostly fine to overcast, and warm down in the gulleys the rest of the way.
I was interested to try the CB out, serious, coast down the hills, and keep to a rev limit of 2000 rpm, which I soon found pretty ho-hum and upped to 3000. Stayed in top gear most of the way, which the torquey 1300 handled no problem.
Was tail-end-charlie first aid kit carrier for the day, and was soon left behind with that sort of discipline.
Took 9.46 litres for the 210km, but was well caned by Neville on an 850 Beamer at 6.something, plus by a couple of Suzuki Bandits.
It was interesting to overhear others comment they went for a lower gear immediately they sensed the load of a hill-climb, and I'm inclined to agree. Even though engines like the CB can work relatively low in the rev range, you probably get better efficiency the closer you are to the optimum power and torque points, and consequently get from A to B quicker so the engines running less time.
Of course my other feeble excuse is Nev's probably 75kg lighter than me!
The tucker at the Ohakune Station Cafe isnt to be sniffed at, 9/10, we just managed to get clear before a train-load of 160 excursioners pulled in. One of them told me they did Auckland to Wellington behind a steam loco on Friday, the Masterton, Manawatu Gorge, Wellington loop Saturday, and were now on their way home behind the diesel loco'd Overlander.

Fields Track
Homeward to Wanganui we came down Field's Track, rejoining the Parapara at Kakatahi, hardly any traffic along an autumn coloured ribbon of road.
Nice ride, particularly at the sedate economy-run pace.