Thursday, August 23, 2012

Movie: The Dark Knight Rises

Here's another example that one should never take notice of a media movie review.
I enjoyed this one despite a lot of the comment I've seen over the last few weeks.
Several mention the plot is wanting, I thought it was great, with a good twist at the end, in fact there were at least two or three plot threads and you have to wonder whether it was all a bit beyond the average bozo commentator.
Christian Bale played a good Batman, and Anne Hathaway a delicious Catwoman. The baddie was appropriately reprehensible, or should I say baddies, but wont elaborate further.
Its great to see the fatherly faces cropping up now and again, Morgan Freeman and Alfie Caine, and yes, I twigged onto how Robin gets into the picture.
Some reviewers have said this is the worst of the Batman trilogy, I think its the best, didnt have anywhere near the same psychosomatic drivel and dark gloom of the previous. Only one small hitch to my fervour, I cant deal with heros who take a hiding and Bane dishing it out to Battie went on a bit too long for me, and made the return bout where Battie turns the table rather easily after all the physical trauma he'd been through, a bit less believable, I mean crank transporter Statham wouldnt put up with crap like that.
Great action sequences, good camera, light on the emotional drivel, impression still in my head next day, even had me remembering the Batman comics I bought as a kid, 9 out of 10.