Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Movie: Fresh Meat

What initially beckoned as a tongue-in-cheek offering, has turned out being my choice movie of the last 12 months.
A dysfunctional gang of crooks hide from the law by crashing a suburban family home, but get more than they bargained for, and how.....
I went partly to support the NZ film-making industry, but this one could hold it's own anywhere, indeed Variety Magazine gives it the thumbs up prior to its US premier in LA tomorrow.
What struck me greatest was the eight main characters were extraordinarily well played, flawlessly, even dare I say, fleshed out, a credit to their acting ability and direction, (Danny Mulheron).
Briar Grace-Smith's script ran a few sacred PC cows and I dunno that Tem Morrison will escape the same criticism for the umbrage taken at some of Billy T's side-swipe to "mouldy" culture, but good on him for this lot.
The film's near as bombed on its opening weekend here, there were only a handful in last nights discount-night theatre, which only accentuated the guffaws and shrieks.
The NZ Herald gave it a bum review, but this only re-inforces my opinion most NZ reviewers dont know their arse from their elbow.
Variety Magazine compliments the movie's high energy, its not a long movie, but the introduction of the characters and pacing of the storyline are impeccable, and says it has "high production values". Indeed, the camera work and production design are pretty slick.
The sound-track's appropriately pacy, "from 60's spy to fast and furious rock", noticed a bit of stomping Gin Wigmore in there.
For all the theme of cannabilism might have detracted from this movie's opening success, the technical achievement inherent makes up for it, Variety's summation "thoroughly professional technical package" of a "high gloss soap gone berserk".
All roles were stars in their own right, but I give the edge to Hanna Tevita and Kate Elliott.
As for the latter, Kate Elliott, move over Rachael, we've got another kiwi sheila icon here.
12 out of 10 on this one.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Book: Ian Wishart's "Vitamin D"

Technically not a vitamin, but a secosteroid, Vitamin D has receptors mapped to more than 3000 human genes, and is instrumental in resistance to pretty near the whole gamut of human bodily disorder, ranging from alzheimers, asthma, allergies, a lot of cancers, heart disease, bones, to mental health.
Fortunately, the greatest source of it is generated by the body itself through exposure to the sun, simple as that, converting a form of cholesterol to the vital calci-compounds.
I bet the reason why rural kids have a lot less problem with allergies and asthma is that theyre outdoors more.
And Maori need to get outdoors more than anyone here, darker skin inhibits the process so we need more exposure.
Ian Wishart's done a service by bringing all this stuff together.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Movies: Looper, Dredd 3D

Looper, fair bit of gratuitous violence here, but it was an integral part of what made a good movie. Plenty to get your head round with the time travel thing, which got increasingly intricate as the movie evolved.
Despite what I didnt think was much advance publicity, the theatre was as full as I've ever seen it for the discount Tuesday night, and the conversations about what went on buzzed as the audience left, they got their bob's worth.
Bruce Willis brilliant as to be expected, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt pretty good also. Made of good job of aping Willis mannersisms as his younger self, similar to Josh Brolin taking off a young Tommy Lee Jones in MIB3. 5 out of 5.

Dredd, well jees, I'm speechless. I suppose it was like one of those video games, sneek round a corner, boom, shoot somebody, sneek round another corner......, touches of Robo-Cop, and the eye candy wasnt too bad, even the bad lady. Dunno, 2 out of 5 at a stretch.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

All Blacks 32 Springboks 16

The AB's finished the southern hemisphere championship in good style, even though they didnt need to win this last match against the Bok's.
My impression of the last few games is how nicely they've shown they havent missed Sonny Bill.
Ma'a Nonu has excelled as in his usual line breaker capacity, with his distribution, and scoring the odd try.
The other Hurricane's cast-off, Andrew Hore has also had a great tournament, showing he's far from past it too.
Its a great backline that goes even better when Dan Carter's in it, not that Aaron Cruden's any slug.
We've worried that we'd miss Brad Thorn as the tight strongman, but the series has shown Retallick, Whitelock, and Romano are up for any opposition.
Exciting to read Thorn might sign up for the Highlanders next year, will make a great pack with Hore in there as well.
Have to mention Justin Marshall's emergence as a commentator of some credibility and, well, downright enjoyability. He says in his Dompost column of yesterday, its the AB's rigorous pursuit of excellence that makes them seem at once, so unsure but sublime, and so without standout individuality but so collectively brilliant.
I'm sure this is the legacy of Sir Graham I thought I gleaned from his book, supremely fit, skilled, game-planned, psyched, and ever pursuing excellence.